Doing Business with the Town of Cheshire

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the Town of Cheshire.  Bids, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) will be posted here as they are issued.  Addendum, clarifications, changes and corrections will also be posted on this site.  If you have questions regarding the bidding requirements or process for the Town, please contact Assistant Town Manager Louis A. Zullo at lzullo@cheshirect.org or 203 271-6660.







Requests for Proposals or Qualifications


RFP 1415-11  -  Replacement of Creamery Road Bridge

                         Schedule of Bid Items

                         ACOE Permit




                         Inland Wetlands Permit

                         Creamery Road Bridge Utility Meeting Minutes

                         Questions and Answers  1-21-15

                         Question and Answer  1-26-15

                         Addendum 1  1-26-15

                         Addendum 2, 1-26-14



RFP 1415-12  -  LED Street Light Conversion Project

                         Street Light Invoice - Connecticut Light and Power

                         Street Light Invoice Transcanada

                         Solar Transcanada Agreement

                         Question and Answer  - 1-9-15

                         Addendum 1- CL&P Net Book Value of Cheshire Street Lighting Equipment


                         Addendum 2 - Cheshire Municipal Light Inventory  12-2014

                         Questions and Answers - 1-22-15

                         Questions and Answers - 1-22-15 

                         Addendum 3  -  1-28-15


RFP 1415-13  -  Legal Notice - Alterations to the East Gym Locker Rooms

                         (Lower Level) Cheshire High School

                         Addendum 1  -  January 12, 2015

                         Addendum 2  -  January 28, 2015


RFP 1415-14  -  Rental of a Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher


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