Doing Business with the Town of Cheshire

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the Town of Cheshire.  Bids, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) will be posted here as they are issued.  Addendum, clarifications, changes and corrections will also be posted on this site.  If you have questions regarding the bidding requirements or process for the Town, please contact Assistant Town Manager Louis A. Zullo at lzullo@cheshirect.org or 203 271-6660.

Requests for Proposals or Qualifications/Bids

Current RFP /RFQ/ITB Posting


None at this time.  



RFP 1819-01 - Microsurfacing and Crack Sealing

Bid Results


RFQ/ITB 1819-02 - Supply and Delivery of Methanol

Bid Results - Bidders List

Bid Results October 2018

Bid Results November 2018

Bid Results December 2018

Bid Results January 2019

Bid Results February 2019

Bid Results March 2019

Bid Results April 2019

Bid Results May 2019

Bid Results June 2019

Bid Results July 2019

Bid Results August 2019

Bid Results September 2019


RFP 1819-03 - Design of Lavatory Improvements at Doolittle School

Bid Results


RFP 1819-06 - Bathroom Renovations at Various Parks

No Proposals Received


RFP 1819-07 - Engineering Services for the Rehabilitation of West Johnson Avenue Bridge over Ten Mile River

Bid Recording Sheet


RFP 1819-09 - Chapman Park Master Plan

Sign in Sheet and Bid Results


RFP 1819-10 - Bathroom Renovations at Various Parks (Rebid)

Sign in Sheet and Bid Results


ITB 1819-11 - Doolittle Elementary School Toilet Room Upgrades

Bid Results


Bid 1819-12 - Grinding of Wood Debris

Sign in Sheet and Bid Results


RFP 1819-13 - Cuff Brook Culvert Lining at Marion Road Crossing

Bid Results


RFP 1819-14 - Purchase of Network Equipment

Sign in Sheet and Bid Results


RFP 1819-15  Door Access Control Components Installation

Bid Results & Sign In Sheet


Bid 1819-18 Underground Oil Storage Tank Removals at Humiston, Chapman and Dodd Schools 

Bid Results


RFP 1819-20 Tree Removal Services

Sign in Sheet and Bid Results


 Bid 1819-24 - Supply & Delivery of Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Bid Results


RFP 1819-25 - Purchase of Delinquent Municipal Tax & Sewer Liens

Exhibit A


RFP 1819-26 - Remediation of former Ball & Socket Manufacturing

Sign in Sheet & Bid Results


RFP 1819-27 - Door Access Control Components Installation

Bid Results & Sign In Sheet


RFP 1920-01 - Cafeteria Renovations Highland School (Replace Government Freezer)

Sign In Sheet


RFP 1920-02 - Transfer Switch Replacement at Fire HQ

Pre-Bid Walk Through Sign in Sheet

Bid Results


Re-Bid 1920-03 - Freezer Replacement and Loading Dock Modification at Highland School

Pre Bid Meeting Sign In Sheet 

Sign In Sheet & Bid Results


RFP 1920-04 - Fire HQ Boiler Replacement Design Services

Sign In Sheet & RFP Submissions


RFP 1920-06 - Design Professional for Main Entryway Improvements at Cheshire Public Schools

Walk Through Sign In Sheet

Sign In Sheet & Bid Results


RFQ 1920-08 - Consultant for administrative and technical support for Small Cities Community Development Program Application

-No Submissions-


RFQ/ITB 1920-09 - Supply & Delivery of Methanol

Bid Results

Bid Results October 2019

Bid Results November 2019

Bid Results December 2019


RFP 1920-10 Boiler Replacements at the Cheshire Fire Headquarters and Fire Headquarters Annex - Bid Results & Sign In Sheet


ITB 1920-12 Track Loader for Snow Removal Operations

Sign In Sheet & Bid Results

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