The Building Official is digitizing files to better serve our residents.  During this project, all records will be available, although some files may take 15 to 20 minutes to access.

      To avoid a long wait for files, please call our office at 203 271-6640 to check on the status of a file before you come in.  Our staff will let you know if the file is on site and available for viewing in our office.  If it is not, we will take your email address and email the file to you within 24 hours. 

      Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our services.


The mission of the Cheshire Building Inspection Department is to promote safe construction and use of commercial and residential buildings through the enforcement of the State Building Code.


The Building Official and his staff are state certified to issue Building and Mechanical Permits as required by the State Building Code, including:

  • Building permits for commercial and residential buildings and additions
  • Certificates of Occupancy on new construction and additions
  • Electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning permits
  • Fuel tank permits
  • Sewer connection permits


 New construction

Additions to existing buildings – including garages, porches, decks, etc.

Interior work that requires structural work

Finishing off of basements and bonus rooms

Swimming pools – inground and above ground

Outbuildings – barns, garages, greenhouses

Wood and gas stoves, fireplaces

Roofing, siding, and replacement windows



Sewer connections

Electrical service changes and repairs

Electric, plumbing, heating. air conditioning and oil tank work done in connection with a building permit requires separate permits for each


This is a partial list.  We suggest calling our office if you have any questions.



Building permit values are determined by the square footage of each project.  All building permit fees are then assessed on the value of the project at $25.00 for the first $1,000.00 of value or portion therof and $12.00 per $1,000.00 therafter.


The fee for reinspection is $10.00.

There is a late fee of $150 when work has been started before a permit has been obtained.


Fees are collected by the Building Inspection office and are payable to Town of Cheshire.  


The 2013 Amendment to the 2005 State Building Code takes effect February 28, 2014. 

This amendment adopts the 2009 International Residential Code, the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code and the 2011 National Electric Code, with Connecticut-specific supplement changes.  For the text of the amended code, click here or go to the State of Connecticut Building Inspector website.


Please note:
Homeowners should be sure that all contractors are licensed to do the work they are hired to do.  Electricians, Plumbers, PHVAC installers and sewer installers all must have a license issued by the State of Connecticut.  Home improvement contractors and new home builders must also be registered with the State of Connecticut.

A Zoning Permit is also required for new construction, additions, out buildings.  If you have questions as to whether a Zoning Permit is required you may call the Planning & Zoning Office at (203) 271-6670.



Last updated on Wednesday, August 23, 2017