Town Historian Request

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Request for Stories, Photos & Texts from Cheshire Residents

Will future generations be able to understand what was experienced here in Cheshire at this time of uncertainty?  The most compelling readings will be personal accounts and observations of what life was like in town - school activities, home life, masked people, lines on the floors, unavailable things, growing vegetables, etc., etc.


This is why I'm asking, as Town Historian, for your observations, stories, photos, drawings, poems, videos, texts, tweets, memos, posters, etc. from this time period.  Please send them to:   cheshirehistorian@gmail.com 


I plan to share your contributions with the Cheshire Library and the Cheshire Historical Society.  I won't share any information without your permission.  


Thank you!

Jeanné Chesanow

Last updated on Wednesday, August 12, 2020