Public Works Department


Administration is responsible to oversee all management of the divisions listed below, in addition to serving as staff to the Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA), Public Building Commission (PBC), and Energy Commission. 

Engineering consists of design of Public Works projects, engineering and inspection of Town roads and facilities, review of Planning & Zoning and Inland Wetlands Applications, in-kind services to other Town Departments, is liaison to State and other community organizations, inspection of new subdivision roads and issues permits for utility construction in Town roads.  Click here for the Engineering Department Policies


Highway Operations consist of maintaining and improvements to all 151 miles of Town roads, sidewalks, storm drainage, bridges, culverts, and rights-of-way.  It also includes the fleet maintenance of all Town vehicles.

Snow and Ice Control must provide a safe roadway network for the community throughout the winter season. 

Solid Waste provides weekly refuse and recycling at curbside collection at each of the 9,500 residential units and Town facilities via contracted services.  

Trees consists of maintenance trimming , and removing Town trees which are deemed to be potential fall hazards.  The Department also oversees all tree work in the Town Right of Way performed by utility companies and private property owners.  Click here for a Guide to Hiring Tree Contractors for private property tree trimming.

Public Properties The Public Works Department manages and maintains all Town-owned non-park properties, with the exception of the schools.



The Public Works Department serves as staff to the Water Pollution Control Authority , the Public Building Commission and the Energy Commission.

Last updated on Monday, February 06, 2017