The Cheshire Assessor’s Office is responsible for:

  • Appraisal of all Cheshire real and personal property for the Grand List, which is a listing of total assessed values for all taxable real and personal property located within Cheshire as of  October 1st of each year.  Assessments are computed at 70% of the estimated market value of real property at the time of the last general revaluation and 70% of the annual appraisal for motor vehicles.
  • Tax exempt organizations please follow the appropriate link to the M3 application which is due on or before November 1st. (M3 and M3 with housing.)
  • General revaluation of real property every five years as required by the State of Connecticut. The next revaluation update is scheduled for 2023.
  • Annual revaluation of all commercial personal property (furniture, fixtures, equipment, and machinery).  The 2020 Declaration of Personal Property filing forms will be available here, and must be completed and returned to the Assessor's office by 4:00 p.m. on November 2, 2020. 
  • Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment Exemption Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment Exemption Claim Form & Itemized Listing Form must be completed and returned to the Assessor's office by 4:00 p.m. on November 2, 2020. 
  • Maintenance of records on the ownership of properties, current zoning classification, lot maps, gross and net valuation, and personal exemptions.  This office is an excellent place to start when you are doing research on ownership of property.

The Board of Assessement Appeals is responsible for real property and motor vehicle assessment appeals.


  Property owners have the opportunity to appeal assessments annually.

The Board of Assessment Appeals determines whether adjustments on assessments under appeal are warranted.  The Board hears appeals on motor vehicle assessments in September, and hears appeals on business personal property, supplemental motor vehicles, and real estate assessments in March.  By law, appellants must submit a written application to the Board of Assessment Appeals on or before February 20th in order to appeal. The application form for a petition for appeal will be available for download, and will also be available in the Assessor’s Office as of February 1st. The Board will inform petitioners of their hearing date and time by mail.



Automobile assessments, by law, are based on average retail values which are derived from the October issue of the NADA price guides.  Vehicles are not appraised according to individual condition, mileage or specific features of a given vehicle, and the Assessor cannot change an assessment.


You may be entitled to an adjustment if the vehicle for which you are currently being taxed has been sold, totaled, stolen or removed and now registered in another state (and has not been replaced by another vehicle) during the time from October 1st through August 31st .  The adjustment is not automatic. The taxpayer must provide proof to the Assessor’s Office, pursuant to Connecticut State Statute Section 12071c Subsection (b), that the vehicle was sold, totaled, stolen or removed and now registered in another state.



Documentation must be official and specific, stating make, model, year, the vehicle identification number and the date of occurrence.


  • Proof that the person to whom you sold the vehicle is listed on the October 1st Supplement Motor Vehicle Grand List in a CT Town.
  • A copy of the original registration to whom you sold the vehicle to.
  • A copy of the cancelled title.
  • A letter from the junk dealer.
  • A dealer sales document which shows you traded in the vehicle.
  • Return of plate receipt issued by the Motor Vehicle Department.
  • A letter from the place the vehicle was DONATED


  • A statement from your insurance agent or company which states you were compensated for the stolen vehicle.
  • A larceny report from the Police Dept. which must state that the vehicle was stolen and never recovered.


  • A statement from the insurance company that you were compensated for the total loss of the vehicle.
  • For a vehicle that is not insured for collision you must supply one of the following proofs:

(a) Copy of the accident report stating the vehicle was totaled.

(b) A letter from the junk dealer to whom this vehicle was sold.


  • A copy of the out of state registration showing when car was first registered there.
  • A copy of the out of state Title information showing when car was first registered there.
  • Return of plate receipt issued by the CT Motor Vehicle Department.


  • A copy of your towns field card showing you lived in that town as of OCTOBER 1.
  • (A copy of your rent/lease agreement showing that you lived in your town as of OCTOBER 1.


  • A letter from the bank stating the date the repossession occurred.
  • A letter from the Repossession company stating the date they repossessed the car.


NOTE: If bill was paid and adjustments are made based on submitted proof, a rebate of taxes paid will be made, upon written request.  

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Last updated on Friday, February 19, 2021