• Automated single stream recycling containers are provided by the Town of Cheshire. Recycling is picked up every other week (biweekly).  Click here for the policy and fees for replacement or additional containers. 
    • Please DO NOT place plastic bags in the recycling containers and DO NOT put recyclables into the containers in plastic bags; please place the recyclables loose into the container. Plastic bags are not recyclable in the single stream system (although they may be returnable to the store from which they were obtained).
    • Please place all recyclables, including cardboard, INSIDE the containers; since the containers are collected mechanically, any recycling material that is not in the container cannot be picked up.
    • The container lid must be closed.  Do not overload the container.
    • Please be sure to place your container as close to the curb as possible, with the wheels away from the street and the lid opening toward the street ("street side" is printed on the top of the lid), and at least three feet away from mailboxes, cars, bushes, or any other objects.
    • Please place containers out before 5:30 a.m on your collection day.  Pick up times can vary from week to week.

Please click here for the list of acceptable recycling materials. Click for the COLLECTION SCHEDULE BY STREET (condominium listed by name), for the CALENDAR FOR "A" AND "B" WEEKS for 2017.




  • Recycling is good for the environment, and this program is designed to increase recycling and reduce solid waste.
  • Larger capacity containers hold much more material, and all recyclables can simply be placed in the container – no sorting, crushing or bundling.
  • Containers are covered, so materials won’t blow away, become saturated with rain or snow, or attract animals.
  • Containers have electronic IDs to identify the address to which the container belongs. 
  • Containers have the convenience of wheels and roll easily. 
  • Special “non-curbside” arrangements for eligible senior and disabled residents will continue with the new biweekly collection schedule and the new containers. 



Last updated on Monday, February 06, 2017