Water Pollution Control Authority

Application Forms, Fees, and Regulations


All Applications must be received in the Public Works office, 84 South Main Street, no later than ten (10) calendar days before the next scheduled meeting of the Water Pollution Control Authority which is normally scheduled on the fourth Wednesday of every month.


Feasibility Application - ($50.00 fee) - The purpose of this application is to assess the feasibility of the proposed project, with respect to the following items:

1.  Determine if the  project is in a sewer service area

2.  The magnitude of the flow

3.  The type of wastewaters to be discharged and if they are compatible with WWTP

4.  The method of connection proposed


Final Design and Award of Capacity Application -  The purpose of this application is to address the items listed by the Authority in the Feasibility Application in greater detail and to provide the following:

1.  Construction details

2.  Exact location and method of connection

3.  Pertinent materials which supposed the request to connect to the Cheshire Sanitary Sewer system in a safe manner, and which will be compatible with the collection, transport, and treatment of the wastewaters from this project.


 Developer's Agreement


Sewer Regulations


Standard Sewer Details

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Last updated on Friday, December 11, 2020