School Modernization Phone Survey Coming

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

School Modernization Committee looks to community for input


Take this online survey and be heard!


We need your help.  The Town of Cheshire invites you to participate in this survey about the modernization of Cheshire Public Schools including new construction or renovation of buildings, adding modern technology, and updating learning spaces.  Your input, whether your have children in the public schools or not, will help guide decisions over the years ahead.  Your responses are strictly confidential, and we will not ask for your name.



The Town of Cheshire School Modernization Committee (SMC), over the past year and a half, has been studying public school needs and associated costs for both new construction and renovation. The Cheshire Public Schools facilities range in age from 50 to 109 years old.  In addition to providing education services, these facilities also serve as social and recreational hubs for our community. 


The SMC, together with the Center for Research & Public Policy (CRPP), is encouraging resident and business leader participation in a phone survey with a focus on the future Cheshire Public Schools. The survey includes questions on:


-         Quality of life in Cheshire;

-         Interest in the planning process for school modernization;

-         Awareness and knowledge of school issues;

-         Support or opposition to school modernization scenarios;

-         Views on various tax implications;

-         School and town communication method preferences; and

-         History of Cheshire school use.


The School Modernization Committee encourages every citizen and business person in town to participate in this process by answering the survey call; your input is important.  The survey will also be made available on line.  Please contribute to the decision-making process as we work to improve our school facilities.

Over the next two weeks, the 10-minute survey will be launched in two ways:


Mixed-Access, Random Phone Survey: Four hundred residents will receive a phone call on either their cell phone or landline from a CRPP representative asking the resident to participate in the survey. Caller ID will show either The Center for Research and Public Policy or GreatBlue Research.


Online Survey: All residents and business owners are encouraged to participate in the online survey. The survey will remain online and open for input February 1 to February 26, 2021 at 5:00pm. The survey will be available at CheshireSMC.questionpro.com. The survey link may also be found on Cheshire’s Homepage at https://www.cheshirect.org/ or the town’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/townofcheshire.


All responses will be anonymous and confidential. CRPP’s statement of confidentiality is stated below.


The survey results will provide the School Modernization Committee vital information as it prepares final recommendations to the town. The results of the survey, when completed, will be publically shared and will be available on the town’s School Modernization Committee web site.


If residents or business leaders would like background information before completing the survey, the SMC is directing survey respondents to their website – https://www.cheshirect.org/school-modernization-committee/ and Facebook page at Cheshire School Modernization Committee.




ABOUT THE TOWN OF CHESHIRE SCHOOL MODERNIZATION COMMITTEE: The School Modernization Committee (SMC) was created by the Cheshire Town Council to consider available options to upgrade the school facilities, which may include new construction, renovating existing facilities, closing and repurposing facilities, and other creative, viable proposals. The SMC is tasked with developing recommendations for modernizing our schools that will address the educational needs of CPS students in the 21st century while considering the fiscal impact on the residents of Cheshire. Learn more at https://www.cheshirect.org/school-modernization-committee/


ABOUT THE SURVEY:  The survey is conducted by The Center for Research & Public Policy, Inc. headquartered in Chester, Vermont. The Center for Research & Public Policy is a full-service consulting firm specializing in market and social research and public opinion polling. Learn more at www.crpp.com.  


CRPP Statement of Confidentiality: Your individual responses are strictly confidential. Your name, email address or contact information will never be associated with any of your responses.  Once your completed survey arrives, CRPP immediately disassociates any contact information from the respective completed survey. Contact information, if any, is then removed from our systems.  ONLY composite aggregate data will be presented to the Town of Cheshire.  The 1974 U.S. Privacy Act prohibits survey firms from associating surveys with respondent information after promising confidentiality.


Contact the Town Manager's Office at (203) 271-6660 or email SchoMoCo@cheshirect.org with questions.

Last updated on Wednesday, February 17, 2021