The Patrol Division, in addition to the traditional functions of a motorized patrol force, practices highly visible and proactive policing through officer-initiated activity.  Officers patrol 32 square miles, 24 hours a day seven days a week.  They also routinely provide support for the Traffic Division. 

Patrol Car

Proper Action


Motorized patrols are enhanced by specialized units including Bicycle Patrol, ATV Patrol, and Motorcycle Squad.   

  • The Bicycle Squad uses mountain bikes to easily increase the range that officers can patrol, allowing them access to Cheshire’s many parks and business areas. The Bicycle Squad has also proven to be a valuable tool during large events where crowd control is necessary.
  • The ATV Squad patrols the Town’s open space and problem spots that normal patrol vehicles cannot access.  This program has proven itself to be a valuable tool in the Cheshire Police Department’s motorized fleet for crime prevention, crowd control, and safety enforcement.
  • The Motorcycle Squad officers are highly trained and experienced operators who add a flexibility to the division and allow a more rapid response to areas not easily accessed by a traditional police cruiser.

Motorcycle Car 4 Car 10

 Traffic Enforcement Vehicle

Utv 2017 


Last updated on Friday, October 16, 2020