Aerial of WPCP

Aerial view of Water Pollution Control Plant


The Water Pollution Control Department protects public health by providing sanitary sewer service to approximately 5000 residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Cheshire.  The Town’s sewer system is comprised of 120 miles of sewer mains. These convey the sewage to the Cheshire Wastewater Treatment Plant located to the rear of the Quinnipiac Athletic Fields on Cheshire Street.  The flow to the Plant is largely via a gravity collection system, in addition to nine pump stations located throughout town.  


The Department also controls and operates the handling and removal of residual biosolids which remain after the treatment process. This material is sent via several truckloads per week to its final disposal at a facility in Waterbury.


Water Pollution Control Authority



Last updated on Friday, October 16, 2020