Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I get sand from the Town?

Can I pay the Town to clear my sidewalk or driveway?  Can the Town recommend a private contractor for that work?

How do I know if there's a parking ban?

What happens when a parking ban is declared?

Why hasn't my street been plowed yet?

Does the Public Works Department plow all the streets in Cheshire?

May I move snow into the street from the plows to clear?

How do I report plow damage?

What if the plow hits my mailbox?

Why does the plow keep returning to my street?

Why does the plow put snow on my sidewalk and in my driveway?

Why does my cul-de-sac driveway get more snow piled on it than my other neighbors?

How long do I have to clear my sidewalk?

Who is responsible to clear a path from the sidewalk to the school crossing or to clear the handicapped sidewalk ramp?

Who is responsible to clear catch basins?

Who is responsible to remove the large piles of snow on the corner of my street?

Who is responsible for clearing in front of my mailbox?

Why do the plow trucks drive so fast?


Sand is available for Cheshire residents to pick up for use on their own property beginning in December.  Residents must bring their own containers to the Public Works Garage, 1286 Waterbury Road between 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM, Mondays - Fridays.  Identification may be requested.


The Town cannot clear sidewalks or driveways nor can a representative from the Town recommend a private contractor.


Parking bans are put into effect by the Police Department (203-271-5500) and are listed on the Town's website (www.CheshireCT.org) and/or local news stations.


During a parking ban, any vehicle parked on the street is subject to being ticketed by the Police Department.  A fine may be imposed and/or the vehicle may be towed. 

In addition, basketball hoops and other private property must be removed from the right-of-way.


There is a priority system for plowing, but one street is always the last one plowed.  Main streets which carry the most volume are plowed first.  Residential through streets are plowed next and cul-de-sacs/dead end streets are last.  It takes up to 8 hours to completely clear a plow route.


Routes 10, 68, 70, and 42 are plowed by the State DOT.  Private roads are the responsibility of the residents who live on them.


Property owners and private contractors are prohibited from placing snow from the driveway or sidewalk into the street.  Violations are punishable by a $100 fine.  At the request of the Police Department, the Public Works crew will clear the snow and deliver a bill for the expense. To report a violation, contact the Police Department (203-271-5500).


To report plow damage, contact the Public Works office at 203-271-6650 or email AMHearn@CheshireCT.org.  Describe the damage, the location on your property, and when it occurred. An investigation will be made.  If it is determined that the Town is responsible, the Public Works crew will make repairs.  Landscaping and curb repairs can only be made in the spring/summer, but your request will be held in queue.  You will be notified if the Town is not responsible so that you can make other arrangements for repair.


If you will not be able to receive mail, contact the Post Office at 203-272-3594 and request that your mail be held.

Within 48 hours of the end of the storm, contact the Public Works office at 203-271-6650 or email AMHearn@CheshireCT.org to report the damage and when you believe it occurred.  The debris from a damaged mailbox MUST be left in place until it has been examined by a representative from the Town, which may not occur until several days after the storm ends.  If it is determined that a Public Works vehicle struck the box, the Town will make repairs or will offer either to install a "standard" replacement box and post or to reimburse up to $100 each for a box and/or post purchased by and installed by the resident.  Receipts are submitted to the Public Works office at Town Hall, Room 213, 84 South Main Street AFTER the resident has been advised that the Town is responsible for the damage.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the resident to repair a mailbox that was improperly constructed or improperly placed OR which sustained damage from the weight of the snow cast from the plow.


The crew plows "curb to curb" to maintain the travel width of the street and so that catch basins are clear to accept run-off as snow melts.


Snow casts onto sidewalks and driveways is an unfortunate by-product of snow plowing.  Plowing moves the snow from the street to the side of the road.  A normal cast from the plow is about 8 feet from the curb.

If you can wait to clear your sidewalk until 6-8 hours after the snowfall has ended, you will be less likely to have to shovel a second time.  Consider clearing a "drop area" before the plow reaches your driveway to reduce the amount of snow that is left behind.


Cul-de-sacs present unique plowing challenges. Some properties have narrower frontages than lots on straight streets, requiring snow to be pushed into a smaller space.  Sometimes there are long stretches between driveways and the plow blades pick up extra snow before unloading onto the open driveway area.  Cul-de-sacs without an island have even more plowing area and, as a result, even more snow that must be moved to the side.

Consider clearing a "drop area" before the plow reaches your driveway to reduce the amount of snow that is left behind.


Property owners have 24 hours after the storm ends (or 24 hours after sunrise followng a nighttime storm) to clear the abutting sidewalks.  Extensions are made until 6:00 AM the following day if schools are closed or if the Town Manager declares an official snow emergency.

Violations are punishable by a $100 fine.  At the request of the Police Department, if a property-owner fails to clear the sidewalk, the Town will clear it and deliver a bill for the expense.

To report violations, contact the Police Department at 203-271-5500.


Access to the street for crosswalks and handicapped ramps is maintained by the abutting property owner as part of the sidewalk clearing.


The property owner is responsible to keep catch basins clear for drainage. To avoid flooding once melting begins, property owners should make every effort to open catch basins.


The Public Works crew will remove snow at intersections to maintain traffic sight lines.  Following a large storm, this may take several days.  The Department depends on reports received from motorists about particular problem intersections.  Please call 203-271-6650 or email AMHearn@CheshireCT.org.


The Public Works crew plows the streets curb to curb, or as close as possible.  Whatever snow is left in front of mail boxes must be removed by the property owner.  If an unreasonable amount of snow has been left on the street, please call 203-271-6650 or email AMHearn@CheshireCT.org to request a push back.


All Town vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and their speed can be checked.  They do not often exceed 25-28 mph while plowing, although the truck may look (and sound) as though it is traveling faster.

That said, the goal of the plow driver is move the snow to the side of the road.  The speed of the truck is directly related to these factors:

  • the volume of snow of the street
  • the consistency of the snow, and
  • the height of the snow piles already on the side of the street.

The plow truck must travel faster to throw heavier and/or deeper snow over higher berms.







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