The 2020 Cheshire Voter Canvass & Voting Rights


With reports of voter suppression and “purges” of eligible voters taking place in other states, our Elections Office would like to assure reassure everyone that


A - Such activities are not sanctioned in Connecticut.


B – We WANT people to vote.


The annual canvass of voters begins in February. Voters whose names appear on a list provided by the NCOA (National Change of Address program, conducted by the United States Postal Service and its licensees) may receive a canvass form, simply asking for confirmation that they still live at the same address. These canvass mailings are required by law and have been conducted annually for many years. A few Cheshire voters may also receive canvass forms because of a separate program with similar goals called ERIC  https://ericstates.org/ .

Not every Cheshire voter will receive a canvass letter. Because of the approaching April 28 primaries, only voters who the NCOA informs us may have moved within town will receive canvass letters. NCOA voters who we have reason to believe may have moved out of town will be sent canvass forms after the primaries, to minimize the possibility of any disenfranchisement in error.

No one will be removed from the Cheshire voting rolls before the primaries unless we receive a request for removal, official confirmation that a voter no longer lives here, or a death notice.

If a friend or neighbor gets a canvass letter, please assure them that it is sent with the sole intent of protecting their voting rights and insuring the integrity of the Cheshire voter rolls. If they have any question whatsoever about their enrollment status or party affiliation, please ask them to call our office at (203) 271-6680.

Thank you.


Last updated on Friday, February 21, 2020