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The Town of Cheshire, known as "The Bedding Plant Capital of Connecticut" is pleased to welcome you to our website.  

New gray trash containers are coming to keep your green recycling containers company!  They will be delivered to households with curbside collection beginning March 18th.  Trash collection schedule stays the same (weekly) and recycling will remain every other week. Automated trash collection begins April 1st.

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Special collection the week of April 8-12 for residents who want to get rid of their old trash containers!

Place your completely empty old trash containers at the curb the same day as your regular trash collection.  Please don’t crowd your automated trash container.  Trash and old containers will be collected by separate trucks, at different times.  Please note that old containers with trash in them will not be collected.

Public Hearing Notice, Proposed FY 19-20 General Operating Budget

Town Manager's Proposed FY 19-20 Operating Budget Plan

Town Manager's Proposed FY 19-20 Operating Budget Detail

The full documents are also available for review in the Town Manager's office, the Town Clerk's office, and the Library.

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  • Agendas and Minutes

    Find agendas for upcoming meetings and minutes of recent meetings for all Town councils, boards, commissions and committees.  


         Adopted 2018-2019 Operating Budget Line Item Detail

         Adopted 2018-2019 Operating Budget Plan

         Adopted 2018-2019 Capital Expenditure Plan

         Adopted FY 2017-2018 General Operating Budget Plan

         Adopted FY 2017-2018 General Operating Budget Detail

         Official Statement Dated February 22, 2017


         FY 16-17 Adopted General Operating Budget Plan

         FY 16-17 Adopted General Operating Budget Detail

         FY 15-16 Adopted General Operating Budget Plan

         FY 15-16 Adopted General Operating Budget Detail

         Town Council Adopted FY 15-16 Capital Expenditure Plan

                 - PART 1PART 2

          FY 14-15 Adopted Operating Budget

          FY 14-15 Adopted Operating Budget Detail 

          FY 14-15 Adopted Annual Capital Expenditure Budget

          FY 14-15 Annual Capital Expenditure Budget Adopting Resolutions

          Annual Report 2014-2015

          Annual Report 2015-2016

          Audit/Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2012-2013

          Audit/Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2013-2014

          Audit/Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2014-2015 

          Audit/Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2015-2016

          Audit/Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2016-2017

          Conflict of Interest Ordinance

          FY 13-14 General Operating Budget Plan

          FY 13-14 General Operating Budget Line Item Detail

          FY 13-14 Capital Expenditure Plan

          General Operating Budget Fiscal Year 2012-2013

          Annual Capital Expenditure Budget Fiscal Year 2012-2013

          Charter and Code of Ordinances

          Inland Wetland Regulations

          Subdivision Regulations

          Zoning Regulations

          Historic District Regulations

          Water Pollution Control Regulations 

(for a complete listing of all documents, go to the Index of Fees, Forms and Regulations).



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About Our Town ......

     Cheshire is a family-oriented community with an excellent school system, exceptional public safety, and a full range of municipal services. A wonderful place to live and work, Cheshire is a residential community located in New Haven County with a population of just over 29,000 and a land area of 33 square miles. Cheshire is close to New Haven and Hartford, and is easily accessible from Interstates 84, 91 and 691 and state routes 70, 68, and 10.

     Incorporated as a town in May of 1780, Cheshire was predominantly a rural farming community. During the past 50 years, the Town has grown into a residential suburban community. Even with significant industrial and commercial growth, Cheshire retains its rural characteristics with thousands of acres of open space. Historic homes blend with newer tree-lined neighborhoods. Local retailers provide a variety of goods and services, with commercial, industrial and agricultural businesses unobtrusively rounding out the composition of the community. In fact, the active agricultural industry has led to Cheshire’s designation as the "Bedding Plant Capital of Connecticut."

     For more specific information, please refer to the various pages within this website, or call one of the Town of Cheshire departments.

Town of Cheshire Town Hall  ♦  84 South Main Street

Cheshire, CT 06410


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