Exemptions Requiring Filings for the Town of Cheshire’s October 1, 2024 Grand List

Exemptions Requiring Filings for the Town of Cheshire’s October 1, 2024 Grand List
Posted on 06/24/2024
Below is a listing of the various exemptions requiring filings for the Town of Cheshire’s October 1, 2024 Grand List:

VETERANS EXEMPTIONS- Veterans who have not filed their original DD214 papers or a certified copy with the Town Clerk must do so before October 1st of this year (2024) if they wish to be eligible for the military exemption.  The veteran’s exemption for specified periods of service with the armed forces provides a 1,500 reduction in the assessed value of property owned by a qualified veteran.
Disabled veterans should submit their service-connected disability rating from the Veterans Administration to the Assessor’s office by October 1, 2024.  Based upon their degree of disability, these veterans are eligible for a reduction in the assessed value of their property.

ADDITIONAL VETERANS AND LOCAL VETERANS EXEMPTION- The additional veteran’s and local veteran’s exemptions are available to qualified veterans who meet certain income requirements. These two programs provide an increase in assessment reduction beyond the standard veteran exemption. The deadline for filing applications is October 1, 2024.  Applicants must meet an income requirement of not more than $43,800 if single and $53,400 if married to qualify for the State of Connecticut Additional Veteran’s Program.  The Town income limits for the Town of Cheshire Local Option Additional Veterans Exemption is $77,015 for single persons and $82,480 for married couples.  Income includes adjusted gross income plus any other income, including Social Security benefits.   Income is based upon the 2023 calendar year.  Federal Income Tax returns and/or proof of all income must be presented to the Assessor.  Please remember that proof of all income, including Social Security benefits (Form SSA-1099) for the 2023 calendar year must be submitted by OCTOBER 1, 2024 or the application cannot be processed.

EXEMPTION FOR THE BLIND- Taxpayers who are blind must file certification of legal blindness with the Assessor by January 31, 2025.   Such exemption reduces the assessed value of the property owner by 3,000.
Qualified blind applicants may also be eligible for an additional 2,000 exemption. Applicants must meet an income requirement of not more than $43,800 if single or $53,400 if married.  This application must be made on or before October 1, 2024.

Exemptions are also available for motor vehicles of active servicemen, specifically equipped vehicles adapted for use by disabled veterans, and ambulance-type motor vehicles used to transport medically incapacitated individuals.  For more information on these exemptions or any of the previously described exemptions, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 203-271-6620.

FARM BUILDING TAX EXEMPTION – On August 9, 2005, the Town Council adopted a farm building tax exemption ordinance (Section 17-13) which became effective starting with the October 1, 2005 Grand List.  This ordinance provides for up to a 100,000 assessment exemption for any building actually and exclusively used in farming.  In order to qualify for this exemption there are two notarized annual applications that must be filed for each building with the Assessor’s Office no later than November 1, 2024.  Please contact the Assessor Office for qualification details.

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